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Apna Bazaar Lahore

4-Piece Imported Knife Set: Cleavers, Scissor, Vegetable Peeler

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Upgrade your kitchen with the Apna Bazaar 4-Piece Imported Knife Set. It includes:

  1. 4-inch cleaver
  2. 6-inch cleaver
  3. Versatile scissor
  4. Convenient vegetable peeler

Crafted precisely and imported for quality, each knife handles cutting, slicing, and peeling with ease. The 4-inch cleaver chops and minces precisely, while the 6-inch cleaver tackles heavier tasks.

The included scissor trims herbs, snips poultry, or opens packaging easily. Meanwhile, the vegetable peeler quickly peels fruits and veggies, saving time.

Made of durable materials, these knives are sharp and long-lasting. Ergonomic handles ensure a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue.

Whether you're a chef or home cook, this 4-Piece Knife Set is essential. Elevate your cooking and simplify food prep with this reliable set. It's sure to become a go-to tool in your kitchen.